1. What is FACE?

FACE is an abbreviation for Fact, Action, Concept and Emotion, the four basic personality types sifted out from the combined findings of the renowned psychologists of the century. These four traits when meticulously graphed can speak volumes about a person.

2. How does it work?

Every person inherently has all the four traits, but one or two traits dominate over the others. FACE is a carefully and scientifically developed proven set of analytical tools that evaluate a person and tally the level of each trait thereby determining the dominant trait or traits.

3. How can we trust the FACE analysis? Is it proven? How is this different from the rest of similar tests available online?

FACE is a careful amalgam of the best theories and findings of the internationally acclaimed psychologists and psychiatrists like Carl Gustav Jung, William Moulton Marston, Wilhelm Wundt to name a few. These time-tested findings and teachings have been diligently blended in to form the FACE which is proficiently handled by our analysts affiliated under the American Psychological Association, International Coach Federation and other famous bodies that deals with the trade-of-mind. This makes us different from all the other similar services available online. There can’t be a better trusted source; this is unquestionably worth your money.

4. Is an online test as effective as a regular one?

An online test will be more accurate than a regular one as the results are greatly affected by precision of the mathematical calculations and people tend to make massive mistakes during that step. Computers are however impeccable calculators and precisely calculates your end results to rightly tally and coordinate the information best suited for each score without any hitch and generates clear, concise reports.

5. How do we know if the result will be satisfactory?

No worries, click here for a sample report we’ve generated for a user. Your report will follow the same format, but the results will vary to elucidate on your personality type.

6. How will FACE help me? Why do I need to take the test?

FACE through its careful process tells you what personality type you are, your strengths and weaknesses, your passions and even reasons to you on your peculiar behaviors, likes and dislikes. FACE is potent enough to tell you exactly how you’d react to a situation and why, and also how you can tame yourself or even excel yourself. You will practically have your leash in your own hands and hence can attain a capacity to literally be your own boss when it comes to personality and behavior.

7. How will this test benefit me if I already have a clear idea of who and what I am?

It is always best to be well aware of oneself. But your notion of yourself might not always be right. Even if you are right to some extent, there is still no person in the world who can completely understand and interpret every action they do, every “why” and “how” of their life as such. We all have instances in life when we clearly don’t at all understand certain things that we do or say or think. If you know yourself, it is definitely good, but FACE can help you know yourself better. Think of the immense possibilities you’ll have by understanding yourself through a scientifically proven and most sought after analytic evaluation rather than going by instincts and some assumptions!

8. How will FACE benefit a company? Should the company have an idea of the FACE assessments of its employees?

FACE assessments works best in companies. There are hardly any company that is free from internal strives and clashes. This is because every individual have a unique talent and unique personality. It is often quoted that “birds of the same feather flock together”. But, a team of the same personality types will only lead to mayhem and burning embers! FACE will provide you with a clear assessment of each person and clearly outline their strong and weak spots, and how they will perform in the presence of each personality type. Companies benefit most by first learning the personality types of each employee to strategically team them, following the FACE suggestions of most productive team combinations, thereby ensuring peaceful team conduct and maximized rate of team effort and success.

9. What if I fail the test?

Every personality type and every person are unique. A Fact man is equally valuable as an Action man or a Concept man or an Emotional man. It is almost like the four directions on the compass. The directions help us to find our way around the world, and give us a clear idea of the map. Similarly, FACE maps a person according to their dominant trait and helps us understand a person better so that they can excel in life knowing exactly what they have to do and how. FACE tells you where you stand and how different you are. Every personality type has their own advantages and disadvantages. FACE lets them understand what they are and how they are. The excellence or intelligence of a person cannot be measured using FACE as they are more of cultural, social and personal outcomes. But FACE can definitely tell you how to achieve excellence and intelligence, point out your weaknesses and tell you how to rectify those shortcomings. There are no winners or losers for FACE, only individuals with infinite potentials.

10. I am afraid to know more about myself! What if I lose my confidence?

FACE can never hurt your confidence, but only boost your confidence. It is sometimes difficult for us to face our true selves and understand our limitations. FACE does not show you your bad self, but only outlines to you your better self! Infact, FACE might be your confidence booster by telling you why you have your limitations and will definitely tell you how to overcome them. For people who are weakened by their limitations it is common that they are unaware of their strengths. FACE unveils your infinite potentials and guides you into numerous possibilities boosting your confidence as you really get to know what you are truly capable of. Who knows, you might have been underestimating yourself all this while! You could be that cuckoo that doesn’t sing because all the while it thought it was a crow! You are just a click away from discovering your infinite potentials. Come, let’s FACE to upgrade.

11. Are there only four types of personalities in the world?

The world is full of unique people. These four personalities do not mean that there are only four types of people in the world. FACE classifies people on the basis of the graph their traits show. Everyone will have a Fact side, an Action side, a Concept side and an Emotional side. FACE works out the ratio of these in your personality to analyze which all traits stand high in you and which all stands low. The end result, ie. your report will tell what trait stands dominant in you and if you are a combination of two, three or even all four traits standing almost equal to each other in their levels. So basically, FACE will tell you how much of a Fact, Action , Concept and Emotion man you are and in turn elucidate on which stands high and which stands low or how your combination of traits stand. This gives us a possibility of 24 personality types.