Human being is in a constant pursuit of rediscovering and knowing oneself.

Why not pitch in it the scientific way and explore your personality type a step further? Let’s “FACE” your true personality. Let’s unmask it with advanced time-tested personality profiling tools that combines together the unparalleled expertise of legendary Carl Gustav Jung, William Moulton Marston and Wilhem Wundt to name a few.

What is your dominant trait? What psychological type are you? Whom do you work best with? Which is your best career path? How to alter you for the better?

What are the Issues that FACE Attempts to Address?

FACE is an advanced psychometric assessment tool to understand the holistic skills of an individual.

How does FACE address these issues?

FACE help them to learn techniques to understand others through observation, change their natural style to have better communication with them.


Benefits to the Individual

By understanding and flexing personality, an individual can:

- Adapt to varied personality types and exert a greater control over situations/people

-Improve interpersonal interaction by structuring and flexing communication

Benefits to the Companies

Corporate can reap the benefits of this powerful test which results in:

- Improved productivity and performance.

- Assigning tasks best suited to employee personality types.


Some of our Clients


  • The World depends upon yourself, your ‘self’ depends up on you, FACE is assisting YOU to understand YOUR SELF
    Jamie Christopher
  • FACE is a revelation. It pointed out to the different aspects of my being I was yet to understand. It is like a discovery of my own true Face
    CFO, Emircom
  • I was so overwhelmed by psychometrics & its practical application of understanding oneself and others.
    Joe Miller
  • If I were to suggest 1 tool for every professional for self-growth and career enhancement, it would be FACE
    Nawaf Al Shehhi
  • Psychometrics & FACE is the most fascinating and yet underutilized resource is the armory of a true professional
    Tamara Johnson
    Senior Manager, Parkhouse Bell
  • FACE is something I will recommend to all youngsters who are at crossroads in their life.
    Colonel RG Nair
    Former Director of the Defence Institute of Psychological Research, India